Feed-In Tariffs to Pave the Way for UK Micro-Generation

The hostess asks Brian if he would like to have electronic cash loaded into the Orlando ePasses. She informs him that they will be able to pay for anything at the majority of businesses in the Orlando area with the Orlando ePass. If the Orlando ePass is lost or stolen there will still be a central record of all the data including eCash on the Orlando ePass and it can be easily replaced. Charging it to a credit card as a purchase 소액결제현금화 from the Orlando Visitor’s Bureau, Brian has $350 put in his and his wife’s Orlando ePasses and $50 in each of the kid’s ePasses. At the same time Brian purchases the three-day Disney World passes, one day at Universal Studios and one day at Wet ‘n Wild. All of these eTickets are loaded into the ePasses at the Visitor Desk in seconds. Brian also sees that his reservations for the rental car and for the hotel are in the Orlando ePass as well as a complementary dinner at Boston Lobster Fest for that evening. Also included with their new Orlando ePasses is a small SD memory card with a video tour of Orlando’s ‘Best Bets’ on it. Brian can download these same video tours to his iPhone. The whole family can watch this video on their Orlando ePasses to see all the great possibilities available in the Orlando area.

At the rental car desk, Brian merely taps his Orlando ePass at the contactless reader at the Tap and Drive kiosk and his rental car keys drop down into the tray. The location and make of the car is displayed on the LCD screen of his iPhone. Also displayed is a notice that he has been given an upgrade because of a coupon identified in his Orlando ePass during the transaction. He also sees that he has been given an additional coupon for an upgrade the next time he rents a car from this agency and a coupon for a half-price dinner at any Olive Garden restaurant.

When Brian and his family arrive at the hotel, he taps the Orlando ePass at the NFC-RFID Tap ‘n’ Check-in kiosk at the hotel. He is asked to have each member of his family tap their ePasses to the NFC-RFID reader on the kiosk as well. Now all the family’s ePasses can be used to open the door to their room. No other room keys are necessary. Additionally, during the process of making the Orlando ePass a room key, Brian’s Orlando ePass is sent 4 coupons for free Florida orange juices at the hotel restaurant and half price on a special selection of gifts at the hotel gift shop.

After putting their bags in their rooms and changing, the family goes down to the restaurant to have some lunch before heading to Ripley’s Museum. Everyone orders orange juice to use their coupons, but they also have a full lunch. At the register, Brian holds his Orlando ePass on the Tap and Pay reader. Brian can see on the LCD screen of his meWallet™ enabled iPhone that the orange juice coupons are automatically redeemed and the remainder of the bill is paid for using Brian’s prepaid account in the ePass. An electronic receipt for the meal is sent back to the Orlando ePass as well as a coupon for a half-price hamburger next time they come to the restaurant. All data sent to Brian’s Orlando ePass is displayed on his phone.